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Trail Run 2020 Cancelled

Friends of Mt Worth State Park is an incorporated group dedicated to maintaining the environment of the Park and enhancing its accessibility to the community.

Due to the extraordinary health situation I guess you will not be surprised that we have to cancel the Mt Worth Trail Run for 2020 as a result of the current public health failure around the COVID19 pandemic.

Parks Victoria restrictions on friends activity, and indeed the availability of volunteers due to general movement restrictions, make adequate preparations impossible. This is on top of the obvious difficulties running the day would face, even at current limitation.

We are devastated that we will not be able to welcome you for the event this year, and will be processing your refunds as soon as possible. We are talking to Register Now about the process.

We considered re-scheduling as many events have, but cancellation and refund seems the fairest and most practical option. The end of year calendar is going to be jam packed (if anything is able to be run even then)! We are planning to run again in 2021, so put May 16 in your calendar right now!

We feel very strongly that you will need to get out in some way to stay fit and sane, so we note that: 1. (subject to any legal restrictions on you personally) you are at no more risk (nor a risk to anyone else) sitting in your car than sitting on your couch;

2. many parks (especially those out of town) remain open and able to offer good physical distancing – we of course are prejudiced and think of Mt Worth State Park.

3. if this is done responsibly many will have the best chance of seeing this crisis though in good condition – though it may be wise to bring your own materials like water and unfortunately even toilet paper (sadly some mindless peanut has raided the toilet paper at Mt Worth and we believe it is happening widely).

Hope we can get though this and see you all again in 2021.

Paul Strickland

Race Coordinator

Mt Worth Friends volunteers

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